Clint Sidle



Praise for This Hungry Spirit

“This Hungry Spirit is inspiring and original—a creative and deeply satisfying look into what being happy and effective really involves. Blending fresh perspectives on life, leadership, and spirituality with personal stories and practical hands-on tools, Clint helps each of us find our unique path to a fulfilling and meaningful life.”
—Annie McKee, coauthor, Primal Leadership (250,000+)

“In This Hungry Spirit, Clint Sidle offers profound and practical heart advice of great use for anyone hankering for a more fulfilling life.”
—Daniel Goleman, author, Emotional Intelligence

“Clint Sidle has written a superb and insightful work designed to guide those seeking to be better leaders and better people. The best leaders in today’s hectic world take time to understand themselves, and they seek to fulfill themselves as well. Clint provides the clearest and deepest manner to achieve these goals that I have read.”
—Anthony C. Zinni, retired four-star general U.S. Marine Corps; former Commander in Chief of U.S. Central Command; Middle East negotiator for President Bill Clinton

“Leadership success and living with real purpose both start with self-awareness. Through compelling stories and practical, engaging exercises, Clint Sidle challenges and inspires us to know ourselves, find our passions, and act on them.”
—John Ryan, President and CEO, Center for Creative Leadership; Admiral, U.S. Navy (ret); Commandant, U.S. Naval Academy (ret); former Chancellor of the State University of New York

Praise for The Leadership Wheel

“He manages to trace the history of leadership thought better in two paragraphs than most introductory management books do in two chapters…explores critical leadership values without being ‘preachy,’ covers essential theories without being pedantic, and presents useful leadership practices without being simplistic, and as such the book should have something of relevance for practitioners, scholars, and students.”
—SAM Advanced Management Journal book review, Winter 2006

“By far the best of numerous leadership-related books and articles we have reviewed in the past five years.”
—SAM Advanced Management Journal book review, Winter 2006

“Clinton Sidle reminds us that leadership development is not merely a one-time event but a critically important journey for individuals, teams, and organizations.”
—John Alexander, President, Center for Creative Leadership

“The Leadership Wheel provides a vision of enlightened leadership by pulling together the three spokes of authentic leadership—the leader, the organization, and society—into one integrated process. The Leadership Wheel is a great tool to navigate leaders and organizations toward sustainable value creation.”
—Kevin Cashman, CEO, LeaderSource and author of Leadership from the Inside Out and Awakening the Leader Within

“The Leadership Wheel reaffirms the critical importance of having the basis for leadership development being self awareness, self-discovery, and a deep inner journey that circles back through life to enhance one’s self development, the development of others, and performance. The Leadership Wheel demonstrates through numerous exercises how leadership development can be learned each and every day.”
—Bruce Avolio, Professor and Director, Gallup Leadership Institute, University of Nebraska

“This book is worth reading for its very comprehensive and human way of viewing leadership. What gives even more value is the way Sidle shows precisely how to use the Wheel in working with teams and leaders. The book is a valuable asset for anyone committed to developing leaders.”
—Peter Block, author of The Answer to How Is Yes and Stewardship, and coauthor, with Peter Koestenbaum, of Freedom and Accountability at Work

“Clint Sidle’s model offers an inspiring and genuinely new approach to servant leadership. This lively, engaging book challenges people to rethink their roles and the purposes of business. The Leadership Wheel clearly demonstrates that financial success and socially responsible business are not mutually exclusive. Best of all, chapter exercises guide the reader on how to make it happen at the individual, team, and organizational levels.”
—Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager and The Servant Leader

What Participants Say About the Leadership Development Program

“Should be a compulsory experience to all departmental chairs and deans.”

“Good balance of ideas, experiences, practice, and discussion. Well done!”

“Absolutely tremendous program! Critical for personal development and growth.”

“[Provided] tools and strategies for enhancing our individual and collective work.”

“Exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds.”

“Can be an eye-opener at the beginning of one’s career.”

“A life-changing experience in terms of what I learned and the skills I can now apply.”

“The course is remarkably cost-effective by any measure. There is not a minute wasted, and I have been more fully engaged than I would have imagined.”

“I will use the insight and skills gained here to enrich every area in my life.”

“This course gave me a new perspective on my career.”

“Unlike other academic leadership programs I know of.”

“The 360 degree feedback was very valuable.”

“This program was a gift, gratefully received. It dared to challenge and engage a set of busy, skeptical, and independent people to really engage and invest in a truly revolutionary process.”

“A truly authentic experience.”

“This was the best workshop I have attended in my entire professional career. The leadership skills learned here will be invaluable tools as I progress both in my professional and personal life.”

“This workshop was inspirational. I am eager to employ the skill and techniques I’ve learned.”

“Not only was this one of the most worthwhile experiences I have had, it was one of the most enjoyable. I had fun.”

“This was a significant transformational experience for me.”

“Rather than feeling fearful of going back to work due to some lingering issues (avoidance), now I can’t wait to get back, build social capital, and get to work.”

“Unsurpassed by anything I have experienced to date.”

“The most outstanding experience I have had in my 25 years at Cornell.”

“I feel empowered and remotivated to take on personal and especially professional challenges that before this experience seemed at times insurmountable and too difficult to even entertain.”

“One of the most powerful personal and professional experiences I have had in years. This program surpassed, by leagues, similar programs I have taken in the past.”

“Provided me with great tools for professional improvement.”

Park Leadership Program

“When I’m asked about my time at Cornell, I always cite your coaching and the Park leadership curriculum as the most valuable parts of the experience. With your subtle direction and encouragement, I was able to make confident decisions, knowing that I was taking a path that was consistent with my mission, vision, and values. And, aside from finding a mentor, I’m glad to have found a competitor as well. I loved our squash matches and, strangely, am looking forward to telling people that I never even came close to beating the man who taught me the most about the game.”

“Thank you again for helping me to make the most of my two years in Ithaca. I will always be grateful.”