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This Hungry Spirit: Your Need for Basic Goodness

C. Clint Sidle’s newest book, This Hungry Spirit: Your Need for Basic Goodness, combines personal stories, hands-on tools, and fresh thinking on happiness, success, leadership, and spirituality to help us find the source of our personal joy—basic goodness.

Basic goodness opens you, broadens your view, connects you with others, and engages your natural talents with the world’s needs.

Basic goodness awakens a trust in yourself that has magic in it—inspiring choices that serve the best you possible. When you come from basic goodness, the world responds in positive ways.

It’s the one thing that leads to

  • Confidence
  • Happiness
  • Success
  • Work that you love
  • Leading well
  • Making a difference
  • Connecting genuinely with others
  • Satisfying relationships (including romantic)
  • Letting go of old issues
  • Creating new possibilities
  • Becoming your best possible self
  • A meaningful, considered life

This Hungry Spirit is about how you can find it, nurture it, and watch it nourish every aspect of your life. It’s particularly relevant for anyone looking for meaning in work, or who needs to reinvent themselves in work or in relationship with others.

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The Leadership Wheel

Based on the ancient wisdom of the Medicine Wheel, The Leadership Wheel offers a five-step framework for leadership transformation, and a fresh approach to personal and organizational change in a way that seizes the higher ground of doing well while doing good in today’s rapidly changing business world.

Top leadership consultant C. Clinton Sidle’s dynamic plan begins with a look into the inner work of leaders, which is the work of personal development. Then he turns to the external challenges of developing healthy relationships, teams, and organizations. Sidle reveals the unique and powerful system that is already embraced by companies worldwide, using leadership examples such as David Neeleman at JetBlue. Readers are encouraged to develop their own leadership, using a series of transformative exercises.

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Praise and Testimonials

“If more business scholars and business people would actually practice the approach outlined by Sidle it just might revolutionize the way business is conducted, because it would significantly alter the way leaders are trained and developed!” —Dr. David L. Luechauer and Dr. William B. Locander of Jacksonville University

High Impact Tools and Activities for Strategic Planning

In this, Sidle’s first book, he writes with coauthors Rod Napier and Patrick Sanaghan. High Impact Tools and Activities for Strategic Planning is not just another book on the theory of strategic planning. It offers dozens of recipes for creative group activities to facilitate strategic planning in any organization.

Designed for use by consultants, facilitators, and management-team leaders, step-by-step instructions guide you through exercises for gaining employee and management participation; gathering feedback from management about the current state of the organization; creating an organized mission, vision, and values statement; and planning so that the vision becomes reality.

Ready-to-use reproducible materials and handouts are also included.

Other Writings and Papers

International Leadership Association, A New Mission for Business Schools: The Development of Actor-Network Leaders, with Chet Warzynski, Amsterdam, NL, November, 2005.

Global Forum for Business as an Agent of World Benefit, The Park Leadership Fellows Program: A New Paradigm for Developing Socially Responsible Business Leaders in Management Education, Cleveland, OH, October, 2006.