Clint Sidle

a new kind of leadership: resolute and balanced, empathetic and principled

Hungry Spirit: Your Need for Basic Goodness

In This Hungry Spirit, Clint Sidle offers profound and practical heart advice of great use for anyone hankering for a more fulfilling life”
—Daniel Goleman, author,
Emotional Intelligence

“Clint Sidle challenges and inspires us to know ourselves, find our passions, and act on them.”

What kind of leadership can help us avoid the traps of the Great Recession? How can each of us—not just those at the top—reclaim the high ground as the basis for sustainability and success in business as well as reward and fulfillment in personal life?

C. Clinton Sidle, leadership guru and director of the Roy H. Park Leadership Fellows Program in the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University, provides answers to these questions and more in his newest book, This Hungry Spirit: Your Need for Basic Goodness. Sidle integrates fresh perspectives on happiness, leadership, service, and success into a whole-life path for greater personal effectiveness and fulfillment. The better you know yourself and are grounded in the real you, Sidle says, the more likely you are to not only be happy and successful, but also do good in the world.

Clint Sidle is also the author of The Leadership Wheel and is a top leadership consultant for organizations around the world.

The Leadership Wheel

This book offers a fresh approach for understanding leadership, learning and change based on the ancient framework of the Medicine Wheel. The Wheel describes five intelligences—intellectual, emotional, intuitive, action, and spiritual—necessary for understanding self and realizing one’s full human potential.